The Papaya Family
Season Let's Play The Sims 4, Episode 1
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Willow Creek

Let's Play The Sims 4 - Part 1 (The Papaya Family) is the 1st Part of the The Sims 4 Let's Play.

Summary Edit

The Papaya family is in town and happy couple, Brandon and Daniella, are ready to start a new life in a new town when Daniella reveals that she is pregnant again. Meanwhile, their only daughter Maya ventures in the painting world, definetly a promising hobbie.

Sims Edit

Plot Edit

The Papaya family, consistig of happy couple Brandon and Daniella, and their daughter Maya, have just moved into Willow Creek and are ready to set exploring the brand new town, meet the neighbours and start their new lives. Daniella wastes no time and decides to immedietly study the amenties of the house and all the facilities, developig her handiness skills so further down the line she can be the best at her house life. On the other hand, on the frontyard, Brandon is more interested in socialyzing with the new neighbours, when he runs across two exceptional personalities from around town: Nancy, from the Landgrabb family, the most wealthy and successful entreperneur around, and Don Lothario, the local womanizer.

He pays special attention to Don, who he looks up to, due to his infamosity and wishes the two could get along and possibly even be work-out buddies. However, Don doesn't seem too into it, but quickly the two get along just fine. Maya, all alone, goes ahead and takes a shower to get inspired. Once she's in the right emotion, she works right away on her art, making some drawings.

Don and Brandon are done with their conversation and Brandon is feeling flirty, so the two go try out their new bed with a good ol' Woo-Hoo. Once they're done, the two are satisfied, but the love isn't over and the two romance for a while. But Daniella is a little worried and decides to take a pregnancy test right away, which gives out positive, revealing that she is indeed pregnant. This news mean that they must find new jobs as soon as possible, to bring money into the new house. While Daniella settles for a simple, but lovely culinary career, Brandon goes all out and enrolls to become a secret agent.

This reminds Daniella that it's meal time so she goes and cook some Mac & Cheese and serve it to everyone, and then goes assist her daughter as she paints, musing over her daughter's amazing creativity. However, so does Brandon, and they all eat in Maya's bedroom, little does he know that a new baby is to come. When Daniella tells him he becomes estatic, but seems to be far more interested in his tasty Mac and Cheese. From the bathroom window, Daniella sees the Bella Goth, from the famous Goth family, and decides to go talk to her and meet her, seeing how she's not only an important figure in the town's life but also a rich one no less.

Notes Edit

Milestones Edit

  • This is the first episode of the Let's Play.
  • The main characters are introduced into the plot.

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