Willow Creek
Season Let's Play The Sims 4, Episode 2
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Let's Play The Sims 4 - Part 2 (Willow Creek) is the 2nd Part of the The Sims 4 Let's Play.

Summary Edit

While Daniella starts givind rope to her dream of having a nutritious garden, Brandon and Maya spend some good father-daughter time, when they head out to explore Willow Creek and its park and even pay a visit to the rich Goth's mansion, where Maya's new friend Alexander resides.

Sims Edit

Plot Edit

It's Sunday afternoon and Daniella decides to start venturing into her botany dreams: to own a beautiful, healthy garden, so she goes to her yard and places down some planters to get started. However, she's still socializing with Bella and has now been joined by Mortimer Goth, her just as prestigious husband. Despite this, she did notice a very interesting looking tree in the nearby gardens, but doesn't make too much out of it.

Maya is getting better at her drawings and her parents are proud, so they all decide to head out to the park, Magnolia Blossom park and play around a bit, however, Daniella stays behind treating the guests, the Goths, with the utmost respect. But in the park, another Goth surfaces when Maya meets up with Alexander Goth, the couple's child, at a monkey ber set. The two play for a while, and in the meantime, Brandon goes fishing in a nearby pond. But back to Maya. Alex has left her alone and the two didn't socialize all that much, so Maya heads out alone to the pirate ship playground, set to play pirate. Brandon, seeing this, comes up to her to play with her, pretending to be a sea monster.

But playtime soon gets boring, so the two decide to head out into the Goth's mansion, to get to know them more and so Maya gets to actually have fun with her little friend Alexander. The house is incredible and the Goth's receive them well, as Bella and Brandon chat, while Alexander and Maya head out to play and goof around. Brandon and Mortimer also get to know each other.

However, it's getting rather late and Brandon and Maya head back home, where Daniella is sleeping already. However, she's awaken by the fuss and, since she's wide awake now, she heads outside to her planters and start tending her garden, planting some nice seeds. But after that, she definetly goes to sleep.

Notes Edit

Milestones Edit

  • Maya meets Alexander

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