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Let's Play The Sims 4 - Part 3 (Beefcake) is the 3th Part of the The Sims 4 Let's Play.

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Daniella has noticed a very interesting tree during her gardening spree of the weekend, so she decides to spend some time with it, being the tree lover she is, but discovers that the oak has magical properties and that it contains a portal to a beautiful prairie, where Daniella has the time of her life. Meanwhile, Brandon heads out to the local gym with his buddy Don and works out for the first time in his new house, fullfilling his dreams of becoming a bodybuilder.

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Daniella wakes up and it's Monday morning and the week starts with a confident pee, before she cooks breakfast for the family, some nice scrambled eggs. But before Brandon can eat, he leaves for work, as a secret agent. But soon Daniella has finished and Maya wakes up to eat before headig to school, where its all Daniella by herself. Since she is alone, Daniella decides to go see what's up with that tree she saw the day before. Looking at it she sees a very special tree, which are her love in life, and decides to water it and tend it. In a while, she's speaking to the tree and discussing nature with it, attracting some curious neighbours, like Dina Caliente, one of the town's hotties, decides to check out whatever is going down between Daniella and that oak, judging her from head to toe. Luckily for Daniella, who'd rather spend some alone time with the tree, Dina leaves, weirded out.

In this moment, something magical happens, when from the great oak a door opens just for Daniella, and she decides to go in and explore the realms of this mysterious cave. Inside, the space is somehow enlarged and Daniella feels confortable, that is util she sees a faint glow and hears a rolling burble, which she follows. Continuing her quest, she finds herself emerged in a shallow stream and follows it downstream, where she meets with a strange mist. Into the mist she goes and finds the end of the cave finally, leaving it and coming across the most beautiful sight she has ever seen, a prarie of colors and colourfull trees, streams and particles of cherry blossoms in the air.

She sees an opportunity to fish on the pond, where she catches a treasure chest, containing a strange potion inside. She sees a log nearby too, and in it finds a frog, a surfer leaf frog, but seeing she's been out for a while now she decides to return back own, through the cave and back into the beautiful oak that is now her special place.

At home, she takes a nice shower, preparing to go to work, while both Maya and Brandon return, the latter mounting the tree fish caught in the previous day, on the wall. In fact, he's in an amazing mood, cheerful and ready to get to work out, since he wants to be a bodybuilder after all. He rings Don up and the two meet at the Willow Creek gym, the Movers & Shakers, and start working out right away.

Brandon has a working machine in sight for the afternoon, but Dina rudely occupies it, much to Brandon's annoyance, but she leaves immedietly, leaving the machine all for himself. He starts working out and getting fitter, chatting with fellow fitness enthusiasts, even though someone has peed all over the floor. To clear his mind, he goes take a shower at the changing rooms, which makes him so energized that he goes back to work despite just having a shower.

Back at home, he takes yet another shower, while Maya does her homework, before going to sleep. In fact, so does Brandon, while Daniella works really late, past mid-night, but it all pays off when she comes home with a promotion. Her day ends again with a confident pee, this time justified, and then she goes to sleep.

In contrary to Daniella, Brandon is awake now and decides to visit the library, at 2 in the morning, to investigate a little bit for his own job as a secret agent, returning home soon after.