Michelle Garcia
Biographical information
Gender: Female
Gender Pronoun: She/Her
Life State: *Sim (former)
  • Vampire
Age: Young Adult
Status: Alive
Occupation: Unemployed
Traits: *Cheerful
  • Clumsy
  • Outgoing
  • Gregarious
Marital status: Single
Friend(s): *Garbage Bag

Nina Caliente is a Sim who's part the cast in the Get to Work, Get Together and City Living Let's Play.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Michelle is just an overall cheerfull and happy person, who initially looks like she wouldn't hurt a fly and is the one out of all the contestant who seems to have the weakest reason to be there, as she just wants to become a vampire for fun. However, she eventually reveals her dedicated and powerful personality, as she becomes the first one to be turn due to impressing Garbage Bag after winning a fist-fight against Victor Browne.

Story Edit

Michelle is part of the 7 person ensemble chosen by Garbage Bag to be turned into vampires, by their request after

In The Chosen Ones, after seeing Garbage Bag's panflets and hearing of his open recruit for his vampire pack, Michelle is interested to be turned into a vampire for the fun of it. She meets the rest of the pack in a first meeting at GeekCon, where Garbage reveals that the choice of the order of getting turned will be determined through several contests, and that the first one will be right there at the convention. Whoever wins the Hackathon event will be the first to be turned. She's the first one to actually engage in the Hackathon, even if it ends up not mattering too much, when the pack gets distracted and head into Planet Honey Pop! to get to know each other and get some drinks. Despite the initial awkward environment, she immediately causes a good impression with her cheerfulness and kindness. She witness when Ambrosia and Victor's fight, and, afraid Victor will steal the first spot, she later challenges all expectations when she's the one who breaks into a fight, targeting Victor as well, coming out victorious with an amazing display of strength. Luckily, it pays off and she's noticed by Garbage, who determines that her impressive show will grant her the status of the first "turn" in the pack. She's bitten by Garbage and then bites him, causing a blood bond, meaning she'll turn into a vampire in a few hours. Later, she's attacked by Victor, who she has to fight again, loosing this time.

She only turns into a vampire in Plasma 501, when she's hanging out with the rest of the contestants. She elevated in a cloud of smoke as purple threads of fumes spiral around her, making her eyes glow bright purple and causing her complexion to suddenly pale down, two fangs grow and cracks all across her cheeks and lips. She became a new-vampire

She attends the pack's second gathering, in Smilin' Heart, as Garbage has a class prepared for them, in the local church in Forgotten Hallow. In front of the whole crew, Michelle, the only turned so far, is used as an example as Garbage trains her to use her powers. Being the only vampire in the group, everyone is looking up to her and is more excited than ever to know that it's possible, and she even hypes up everyone, claiming that it is indeed great to be a vampire. When Victor is chosen as the next one to be turned, due to his perseverance and determination, as well as his good display in the last fight, she cheers him on, happy for him. She then joins everyone in the party under the church.

Appearances Edit

The Sims 4: Vampires Edit

Relationships Edit


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