Nina Caliente
Biographical information
Gender: Female
Gender Pronoun: She/Her
Life State: Sim
Age: Young Adult
Status: Alive
Occupation: Unemployed
Traits: *Romantic
  • Hot Headed
  • Lazy
  • Dastardly
Realtives: *Katrina Caliete (mother)
  • Dina Caliente (sister)
  • Gina Caliente (daughter)
  • Tina Caliente (daughter)
Marital status: Single
Romances: *Gwen Lovelace (one night stand)
Friend(s): *Gwen Lovelace
Enemy(s): *Eliza Pancakes

Nina Caliente is a Sim who's part the cast in the Get to Work, Get Together and City Living Let's Play.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Nina is one of the most desired bachelorettes in town, but don't let her good looks fool you because she is one of a kind. A total sassmaster, she is definetly the evil sibling of the two Calientes, more michieviously playfull and definetly a bit hot-headed. She's smart and dastardly, but when she's not fooling around and being lazy while sleeping in benches, she's quite loyal and a great friend.

She's definetly into the dating scene, which she's popular for, and is very flirty and romantic lady with a big seductive power.

Story Edit

Gwen Lovelace meets Dina when Kimiko Kurosawa invites Alfonso O'Neil for a date at a local fancy night louge, and Gwen and Diego Moreno taggle along. Gwen has finished her semi-date with both Bella Goth and Haleigh Wagner, her two pretendents, and is actually a bit drunk, which gives her confidence to start chatting with Nina at the bar. They don't flirt right away, but the topic of the conversation is woo-hoo. She's added to the list of love interests of Gwen, but is soon preferred to keep as a friend after Gwen starts getting more and more steady with both Haleigh and Bella. The two meet again later at Gwen's shop when Nina has stopped by to make some shopping and they chat a bit.

Overall, Nina is one of Tiffany Montgomery's close friends and a member of her A Cut Above club, and therefore is a recurring character.

Nina has a far more important role in this LP, as she is within the circle of friends of the household.

By Family Feud, after Tiffany Montgomery had previously invited over Dina to be part of the A Cut Above, Nina begs her to allow her in too, which she reluctantly agrees on.

Is through her, that later Tiffany is able to return back to her status as leader of the A Cut Above, when Eliza Pancakes takes over. She and her sister share a positive opinion on Eliza, and rather like her as a leader, so Tiffany must convince the two otherwise, pampering and spending time with them. They eventually realize that Eliza is not as good as she seems, and the norm is restored.

She joins Tiffany and the A Cut Above on their gatherings, be it to the clubs or at home, and even attends the Montgomery's pre-Christmas soirée, and is mostly loyal, whenever her sister and her are not being michievious and acting rather innapropriatly towards Tiffany, ditching her or just bugging her. But overall she's supportive of her and her writing and helps her recalling the events of Eliza's betrayal, the topic of most of Tiffany's book. Eventually, she gets on a culinary competition with fellow A Cut Above carets Alice Spencer-Kim and her sister Dina, for the Diamond Earrings, which grant her priviledge in the club, winning them for her creativity. It seems that throughout this time, she is over Gwen for good and has developed a crush on Adan Hanna, and is completely distraught when she witnesses him flirting with someone else, so Tiffany decides to reward her, as the bearer of the Earrings, with a good afternoon in her private spa, where the two steam off their insecurities, skinny dip and just enjoy the time for themselves, with massages and everything good.

Overall, Nina is one of The Dreamers' neighbours and serves part on a scandalous sub-plot alongside Raj Rasoya and Dina Caliente.

Ten years have passed since we've last heard of Nina but her promiscuous habits haven't changed. However, she's moved to an apartment in the Fashion District of San Myshuno, along with her sister, Dina, and has since become neighbours with The Dreamers.

In Gigantic, Nina gets caught in a love triangle with Raj Rasoya and her sister. Raj, after being hit by the death of his mother, has been drowning his sadness in drinks and is very drunk, so much that he's been having separate one-night stands between Nina and Dina, thinking they're the same person, and Nina ends up Woo-Hooing with him at their home. She's unaware that he's also been with her sister.

Later, in Another One Bites The Dust, she finally gives birth at home, with her sister's help, and ends up giving birth to two little twin girls, Tina and Gina Caliente. By this time, her sister has also given birth prior to her, a boy named Cina Caliente. She's seen in A Cut Above gathering on the Stargazer Night Club in Funkytown. She's venting with Morgan Fyres at the bathrooms about her dramatic situation with the babies and Raj. She's also seen in humorously in the background inChristmas Wrapping, as she tries really hard to throw a gigantic garbage bag down the trash shoot, requiring help from the Dreamers' butler.

She isn't relevant again until How Will I Know, when focus goes back to their apartment, where her two babies have grown in to kids, Tina being the nerdy loner type and Gina being the athletic. Gina messes up with her makeup, though Nina doesn't seem to mind.

Appearances Edit

The Sims 4: Get to Work Edit

The Sims 4: Get Together Edit

Relationships Edit

Dina Caliente Edit

Dina is her sister and the two are kittens from the same litter, literally. The two get along very well and are almost like partners in crime. Sharing interests in romance (and apperently in man, though neither know), they love each other's company, so much that Nina begged for Tiffany to allow her into the A Cut Above once Dina was in just to be with her. When they're in the mood, the two also partner up to annoy whoever they can, always subliminaly though.

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