Paula Grapes
Biographical information
Full name: Paula Grapes
Birthplace: SimVille
Status: Alive
Age: Adult
Residence: SimVille (formerly)

Bridgeport (formerly; only during semester break)
Roaring Heights (currently)

Occupation: Chef (resigned)
Other information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde (originally)

Red (currently)

Eye color: Green
Marital status: Married
Significant Other/s: Sarah Parker (ex-girlfriend)

Marilyn Grapes (wife)

Family: Danny Grapes(adoptive father)

Marilyn Grapes (wife)
Frank Grapes (son)
Rose Grapes (adopted daughter)
Bill Grapes (adoptive grandfather)
Bethany Grapes (adoptive grandmother)

Paula Grapes is the main protagonist of The Sims and in The Sims 3: Combined. She is the daughter of Danny Grapes and is currently unemployed. Paula is also a graduate of Sims University with a degree in Science and Medicine.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The SimsEdit

Paula's first physical appearance in The Sims, is that she has a blonde ponytail and wears a pink shirt, hot pink shorts and matching shoes; which all came from the base game itself. Her recent appearance was a dress with a red checkered top, plain red for the bottom and matching shoes. She also has a bun tied to the back of her head.

The Sims 3Edit

Paula's first physical appearance in Combined, is that she has her origin blonde ponytail and wears a nude short sleeve with red curvy designs on it, matching shorts and shoes. Her appearance changes from time to time until she became a PlantSim, where the default costume was called 'hideous' on her. Paula's recent appearance is that she has her newly dyed red hair and the clothes from Roaring Heights.


As revealed in Combined, Paula is an hopeless romantic sim who is a great gatherer, natural cook and a crazy party animal. She is said to be homewrecking Buster and Babs' relationship, since she slow danced with Buster in college. Paula seems to be the nerd of the Season 1 household, where Keely was the stereotypical mean girl towards her. She was treated as 'Janice' from 'Mean Girls', because Keely framed her as a lesbian, in which had been granted. Paula has a nerd reputation, because Andrew wanted to have the Season 1 household to have different reputations.


Life leading up to The Sims 1Edit

Paula Grapes is the adoptive daughter of Danny Grapes, who surprisingly phoned up the Adoption Service. She was a very handful of a child like her father and was taken care of by her Uncle Scruffy. When she aged up into a child, she showed her bright complexion and her dirty blonde hair in a ponytail. Paula was also wearing a pre-made all pink outfit for children.

She was neglected soon enough after she aged up into a child, which resulted in the dropping of her mood as well as her grades in school, which was excellent in the early days of her childhood. Paula hasn't made any of appearances after The Grapes ended their run as the main household. However, she can be seen roaming around the streets alone which doesn't surprise anyone.

Paula made appearances when The Grapes were re-used for specific expansion packs. She also changed her appearance into a red checkered dress with a pair of red flats. 

Life leading up to The Sims 3Edit

Paula made her first appearance in third installment of the iconic Sims franchise in The Sims 3 Generations. She had one storyline with Danny when they were in search of Bella Goth's tombstone. When the two retrieved it with the help of Babs Bunny and her father, Paula had asked Babs and her boyfriend Buster Bunny to accompany her to a university, which both had accepted the offer to come.

The Sims 3 CombinedEdit

She was assigned to graduate with the degree of Science and Medicine for the time being. Paula then entered the university along with other members from different households including lovers Babs and Buster Bunny; and Plastic Bag with Keely Red. She was placed in a room the same as Babs, where two had split the bedroom into two parts with their own decorations and belongings.

Paula wasn't really lucky around Keely since she was treated as a character from the 2002 film Mean Girls. She blogged about Paula with rumors like making out with a hotdog after she ate one in the dining room. Paula was also one of the smartest students around campus alongside Buster; since both were properly studying for their degrees. 

She also learned her true orientation was lesbian and fell in love with one of her dormmates Sarah Parker, whom moved in after dismissing one of the roommates. They have dated over their time in university and was even given a makeover by Andrew after a huge command by the fans and viewers. 

They all soon graduate with the exception of newcomer Jason Parker; because he came into the season halfway the series when the group was in their semester break. She graduated with a degree and said her goodbyes to the other half of the group since they will go seperate ways.

Whilst Plastic, Keely and Jason had moved into a small houseboat in the beautiful island of Isla Paradiso. She and the other remainers in the household had moved into Roaring Heights, alongside two other Bunny household members which were Luigi Jr. and Daisy. Paula had served as the main chef of the household since she headed for the culinary profession even having the Science and Medicine degree. 

She made an enemy on the first day around the neighborhood when Marilyn Torrence had finally entered her life. The two were enemies at first since both fought in the welcome party but it was learned that Paula had a secret crush on Marilyn all along their rivalry. Andrew granted Paula's wish which was being in a romanticaly involved with Marilyn and the two were married as well.

The two had two wonderful children who were named Frank and Rose Grapes. Both children were surpringsingly bugged with degrees when a fan or viewer spotted the moodlet that comes after graduating university. Frank was given the degree of Business where fans and viewers had dubbed him the Baby Genius after this scenerio happened.

When Andrew had decided to have the housemates have children, he split them up into two households where Paula and her own family was moved in with her grandparents and her father. During a party, the former household of Babs, Buster, Daisy, Luigi Jr. and Paula was reunited and had a blast with one another.

In the end, Paula and Marilyn started their own business in baking and lived happily ever after.


  • Paula is the first character in Combined to have a third orientation.
  • She is the first character in Combined to transform into another life state.
  • She was hated by Keely Red during University and even featured her in Keely's blog The Burn Book, which was a recreation of the infamous book from the film Mean Girls.
  • Paula was created a fan-made Twitter account.