Siobhan Fyres
Biographical information
Gender: Male
Life State: Sim
Age: Young Adult
Occupation: Office Assistant
Club(s): Paragons
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Traits: *Self-Assured
  • Insider
  • Ambitious
  • Gregarious
Romances: *Sergio Romeo
Appears In: *The Sims 4: Get Together

Siobhan Fyres is a Sim who's part the cast in the Get Together Let's Play, as an antagonist.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Siobhan is an ambitous wealthy young woman who just happens to be one of the most popular girls in town, leader of the most popular club in town, as would be expected, the Paragons, a club all about exploring the eccentricities in life. She's ambitious and has big plans within her club, and she's confident about her choices and social position. When she's with people, she's at peace, being outgoing and all, however she has a very selective filter on who these people must be. She definetly looks down on things that aren't among her interests and the high standards she has, and she can also be quite mean when expressing these things. Snobbish and a fan of luxury, she always gets it her way.

Story Edit

The Sims 4: Get Together Edit

Siobhan is approached by Tiffany Montgomery at Narwhal Arms, where Tiffany starts being hostile immedietly, but Siobhan has better things to do than to worry about it. She is also brought to the pre-christmas soiree hosted by Trisha Montgomery, by her dad's, Dominic Fyres, part. She seems to be quite fond of Archer Montgomery and mocks Tiffany's decision to follow the writing career. She is also present when Sonya Sanchez wrecks her parents marriage, by making Dominic divorce with Moira Fyres, her mother, and the two kiss and Woo-Hoo right in front of her. She is distraught about the newly-broken family and cries after her parents argument.

She is later seen in the Bathe Rill, when Tiffany is able to befriend Sergio Romeo, a Paragon, and get allowed in the club. Little does she know that Tiffany is sick of her antics and is planning to take the Paragons down from within, befriending all the members and turning her against her, so she blindely accepts her as a Paragon, softened after the divorce. However, this obviously turns around to bite her when Tiffany finally deals with unfinished bussiness with her childhood bully when she's able to go forward with her plan and, with the help from the rest of the crew, she takes over the club from Siobhan's hands, kicking her out right away, beautiful payback.

Appearances Edit

The Sims 4: Get Together Edit

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