Susie Kauffmann
Biographical information
Gender: Female
Age: Teen
Birthplace: Willow Creek
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Being burned alive by the sunlight, due to being turned a vampire
Residence: Modern Industrial Mansion, Willow Creek
Occupation: High School Student
Traits: *Self-Assured
  • Hotheaded
  • Fast-Thinker
Realtives: *Joshua Kauffmann (father)
Marital status: Single
Friend(s): *Gigi Bag
First Appearance: New Kids on the Block
Appears In: The Sims 4: Vampires

Susie Goth Kauffmann, is a Sim who's part the cast in the Vampires Let's Play. She's the daughter of Josh and Cassandra Kauffmann, and the youngest of six sisters.

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Susie is the result of her mother's sudden craze for children. In her youth, she and Josh went through a face where they were determined to have as many children as possible, woo-hooing all the time, resulting on the Kauffmann sisters. Wether this was product of Cassandra's sudden loss of her parents and struggle to keep the Goth legacy strong is unknown.

Little is known about her childhood.

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Susie Kauff

Appearance Edit

Susie takes a lot from her father Josh. She has a big nose and smiling green eyes. Her face is long and oval and she has ebony hair, which she prefers styled in short bangs and to the shoulders. She wears very tight clothing in a gothic fashion, and some could say she dresses too advanced for her age.

Story Edit

Susie is Gigi's apprentice, as she wishes to become a vampire, something Gigi makes a reality, and takes it upon herself to teach her the vampire ways, while improving her own skills. Sadly for her, it's this same dream of being a vampire that is Susie's demise, as she dies due to the true vampire weakness: sunlight.

In New Kids On The Block, Susie makes her debut when Gigi Bag breaks into her house looking for fresh blood to feed on. She immedietly takes a liking to Susie, especially after she reveals to her that she's always dreamt of being a vampire, something Gigi sees as an opportunity to have an apprentice. The two bond over and Gigi agrees on turning Susie. This happens the next day, in Thicker Than Water, when Susie's turning is treated as a ritual, as its Gigi first turn, as everyone celebrates.

Later in Fresh Meat, Susie's transformation has been completed and Gigi decides that it's time to initiate Susie's training, so she visits her and shows her the basics, ending the lesson with a small duel.

Susie is not part of the City Living cast however, she makes two cameos where it just so happens that two important moments of her life happen during the City Living Let's Play, due to both Let's Plays happening parallel to one another.

In Super Freak, Susie can be seen in the background fully transforming into a vampire, in the middle of San Myshuno, spiralling in the air into her dark form. Later, in Don't You Forget About Me, she's one of the deaths witnessed by Xanadu Moreno and Sterling Hoffmann, as she dies alongside Marigold Maldano due to staying in the park on sunlight.

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