The Grapes Family
First generation of the household

The Grapes family is the first central household featured in The Sims series. The household currently consists 7 members of the family, including the new generation of the Grapes. Though a member of the household before, Scruffy is not related to any of the members whatsoever, it was just revealed that he just moved in with his friend, Bill.

The Grapes returned in The Sims 3: Combined as a returning family, along with the Bunny's.


Name Age Species
Bill Grapes Elder Human
Bethany Grapes Elder Human
Danny Grapes Adult Human
Paula Grapes Adult PlantSim
Marilyn Grapes Adult Fairy
Rose Grapes Child Human
Frank Grapes Toddler PlantSim

The Sims 3: CombinedEdit

As revealed in the first season of The Sims 3: CombinedPaula Grapes is one of the members of the first household to be played in the season, along with Plastic Bag; Keely Red; Buster Bunny; Babs Bunny; and Jason Parker. When the season ended, the other half the first household decided to move to Roaring Heights, along with Luigi Jr. and Daisy Bunny.

Three of the original household members from The Sims series decided to move to Roaring Heights, where the whole family was reunited in one giant mansion. Paula has is currently parenting the newest generation of The Grapes family, along with her wife Marilyn Grapes.


  • The Grapes used to have Scruffy as one of the original household members, but he isn't related to any of the members in the family.
    • However, whenever a new baby has been born into the family, he becomes "Uncle Scruffy" temporarily until the baby ages into a child.
    • Bella Goth was also a member of The Grapes when Scruffy married her and became his temporary Test Subject and prisoner in a cage, specifically for her to live in.
  • The family also returns for the third season of Combined, where the three original household members decides to move to Roaring Heights, where the family reunites and lives in one big mansion.