Let's Play The Sims 3 World Adventures - Part 110:15

Let's Play The Sims 3 World Adventures - Part 1

The Sims 3 World Adventures is an Sims 3 World Adventures expansion pack playthrough created by AndrewArcade. The series followed the lives of Lara Croft, her husband Sniper Red, their son Scout Red, and their housemates Sookie Stackhouse, and Yalitza Beyotch. The series premiered on late 2009, and ran for 32 episodes. The series ended possibly in early 2010. 


Five brave and experienced Sims adventures travels across the globe, where they could discover the hidden treasures and relics of the tombs beneath every country. Lara Croft and her family decide to explore the tombs of Egypt and take up the challenges that approach them. Yalitza starts practicing Martial Arts and ends up mastering the skill itself. And finally with Sookie, who was making and delivering nectar around the beautiful country that is of France. 

Main CharactersEdit

  • Lara Croft - She serves as the main protagonist and adventurers of the playthrough. Lara was given the country of Egypt, as a reference to the video game Tomb Raider, where she is mainly based on the main protagonist. She was given some quests that are most likely in the tombs and even had the opportunity to fight the mummy of the past Kings of the country. 
  • Yalitza Beyotch (later renamed Yalitza Banana) - She serves as the deuteragonist and one of the adventurers of the playthrough. Yalitza was given the country of China and started practicing the Martial Arts skills. She was given the opportunity to master the Martial Arts skill and in the duration of the process, even participated in the ranked matches. Yalitza also was given a chance to meet her romantic interest, where their relationship only lasted shortly.
  • Sookie Stackhouse - She serves as the tritagonist and one of the adventurers of the playthrough. Sookie was given the country of France and started making and delivering nectar around the country. 
  • Sniper Red - He serves as the recurring protagonist of the playthrough. Sniper was given the country of Egypt and was only given the task of mastering the photography skill. He seemed to be a novice, where his pictures are sometimes blurry, worthless and horrible quality. However, Sniper managed to gain several skill points and he has almost mastered the skill.
  • Scout Red - He serves as the minor protagonist of the playthrough. Scout was given the country of Egypt and was only given the task of fishing, resulting in few appearances around the playthrough. He managed to catch several fishes and creatures, where they came in handy for Sookie's adventures. 


  • This was the least favorite playthrough of AndrewArcade and received less views when they were re-uploaded on March 16th 2012, upon welcoming Andrew back into YouTube.
  • A continuation at the end of Ambitions, where the original members of The Bag Family and Bill Compton had visited France, where the playthrough was last seen, and had ran into half of the original cast of The Sims 3

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