The Sims 4
The Sims 4 series was created by AndrewArcade on September 2, 2014. The series follows the life of the Papaya Family and their lives in Willow Creek.


The Papaya family move into their new home in Willow Creek, and go about their lives in pursuit of friends, family and career promotions.

Main CharactersEdit


Part Title Thumbnail Description Upload Date
1 The Papaya Family 140px The Papaya family is in town and happy couple, Brandon and Daniella, are ready to start a new life in a new town when Daniella reveals that she is pregnant again. Meanwhile, their only daughter Maya ventures in the painting world, definetly a promising hobbie. 2 Sep 2014
2 Willow Creek 140px While Daniella starts giving rope to her dream of having a nutricious garden, Brandon and Maya spend some good father-daughter time, when they head out to explore Willow Creek, it's park and even pay a visit to the rich Goth's mansion, where Maya's new friend Alexander resides in.
3 Beefcake 140px Daniella has noticed a very interesting tree during her gardening spree of the weekend, so she decides to spend some time with it, being the tree lover she is, but discovers that the oak has magical properties and that it contains a portal to a beautiful prairie, where Daniella has the time of her life. Meanwhile, Brandon heads out to the local gym with his buddy Don and works out for the first time in his new house, fullfilling his dreams of becoming a bodybuilder.
4 Turnt Up 140px
5 Miracle of Life 140px
6 Green Thumb 140px
7 Community Garden 140px
8 Punch-Out!! 140px
9 Oasis Springs 140px
10 Line Cook 140px
11 Sims Forever 140px
12 Out Cold 140px
13 Bookworm 140px
14 Path to Greatness 140px
15 Happy Birthday 140px
16 Dinner Party 140px
17 Painter Extraordinaire 140px
18 Space Cadet 140px
19 Steamy Exchange 140px
20 Brewing Up a Storm 140px
21 Masterpiece 140px
22 Big Mac 140px
23 Banana Hammock 140px
24 Destiny Falls 140px
25 Pink Dinosaurs 140px
26 Ghostwriter 140px
27 Sautéing In Solitude 140px
28 Chess Bros 140px
29 Writer's Block 140px
30 Hostess With The Mostess 140px
31 High School Hacker 140px
32 Stranger Danger 140px
33 Rocket Man 140px
34 At Last 140px
35 Space Adventure 140px
36 Fossil Research 140px
37 New Life 140px