The Sims 4: City Living

October 31, 2016

Began Let's Play On

October 31, 2016

The Sims 4: City Living series was created by AndrewArcade on October 31, 2016, and is currently on-going. The series follows the life of the kids from The Sims 4, the Get to Work and the Get Together Let's Plays all grown up and living together in the city.

Sypnosis Edit

The kids are all grown up and ready to hit San Myshuno! The bros have united to face the adversities of their terrible new apartement, as Xanadu heads into his political rivalry with the suspicious Wilson and Max is determined to become San Myshuno's number one criminal. The twins Pluto and Venus head into a world of critical choices, in a luxurious apartment heired by their family, the rest of the girl have a less high-end one. While Cheryl intends on becoming an internet celebrity, Precious prefers the quaintness of the public relationships spot, and Athena is contented with becoming the greatest athlete the world's ever seen.

Main Characters Edit

Supporting Characters Edit

  • Raj Rasoya
  • Geeta Rasoya
  • Dina Caliente
  • Nina Caliente
  • Salim Benali
  • Miko Ojo
  • Penny Pizzazz

Episodes Edit

Part Title Thumbnail Description Upload Date
1 Concrete Jungle The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 1 The bros Max, Wilson and Xanadu have moved to their new decadent apartment in San Myshuno and their first day does not go well when Max freezes in an attempt to give his crush, Athena, an apartment key, while exploring the Spice Market. Xanadu and Wilson, rivals at heart, bond over their bad experiences with the next door neighbours, as Xanadu is discriminated against for being an alien, and Wilson a promise of taking revenge on Geeta, who crossed him. 31 Oct 2016
2 Xanadu Sunset The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 2 As Xanadu experiments with the bubble-blower, upon discovering one of the flavours shares a name with him, Wilson practices on the keyboard, just like his "father" Rafa thought him when he was a kid. However, Geeta continues to be a burden, as she rudely makes a tonne of noise. The war is officially on. Xanadu decides to enroll in politics, to stand against all the alien discrimination. Meanwhile, Precious decides to hit the Arts Quarter, on a lookout for the karaoke bar, where her singing clears out the lounge, before sharing a dinner with Venus and Pluto at the square. Pluto finally joins the critic path, deciding to follow the arts, and immedietly starts practicing her collumn writing, while Venus bonds with Precious. 2 Nov 2016
3 Love is a Battlefield The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 3 The Humour & Hijinks festival is on and of course our eccentric group of newbies would attend. The bros invite over the tomboy Athena for some fun and video games, before heading out. However, Athena doesn't seem to be the minimally interested in Max other than as a friend. Everyone gathers to celebrate, and the group is divided between Jokesters and Pranksters. Xanadu chooses the first, but of course the mischievous Athena, Wilson and Max spread the chaos of a Prankster, by spreading mischief all around, and with the mighty Gwen Lovelace by their side, they guaranteed the win of the Pranksters side. However, in the end, who truly scores its Max who, in the midst of celebratory fireworks, ends up sharing a passionate first kiss with Athena, stirring things up between these childhood friends. 3 Nov 2016´
4 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 4 It's Athena's birthday, and Cheryl's is also almost here, so the girls decide to celebrate by heading out for a karaoke nightout. But not before both Cheryl and Precious get a headstart on their dreams, as they both create professional profiles on the internet. It's time to party though and they head to the Spice Market's karaoke bar and meet their friends and family. It seems like Cheryl and her mother Tricia have not been getting along at all lately. Candle's are blown and mics are spun, in a karaoke showdown, where even little Dominik, Cheryl's brother, wants in. Of course, the talented Precious wins, but everyone still has a great time. 4 Nov 2016
5 Where Is My Mind 140px 7 Nov 2016
6 Dancing With Myself The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 6 When the bros hear some weirdly sexual moaning on Geeta's apartement, upon learning that she only lives with her son, things get weird and a war of neighbours pratically breaks. Obviously, Wilson is the one to take action, when he pays Geeta and her son Raj a visit, only to set off fireworks he stole from the Humour & Hijinks Festival inside their bedroom, causing a huge fire that resulted in Geeta's death. 9 Nov 2016
7 Beat It The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 7 As Cheryl gets a more into her internet life and the followers are starting to mount up, she gets a visit from her sister Tiffany, who's come to try and convince her to make peace with their mom Tricia. However, they're interrupted when they all meet the next-door neighbour Salim, who takes quirky to extreme, much to Tiffany's displease. However, they all go to a mini-picnic at Myshuno Meadows' park with a bunch of Tiffany's friends. While Cheryl and Tricia sit down and finally settle their differences and bury the hatchet, a cooking competition breaks out, that Diego wins. When the picnic is over, Cheryl decides to do some reading in the park, and munch on some tacos, however, she ends up having her taco stolen by Eric Lewis, who devours it in front of her. Luckily, her 'grandma' Amy helps her out. However, the hot-headed Cheryl will not forget Eric's disrespect. 12 Nov 2016
8 Gigantic The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 8 It's every girls dream to finally get together with a long time crush, and unflirty Venus got lucky. When the twins decide to head down to the Romance Festival with their mom, Precious, Xanady and newly-met neighbour Miko, the loving atmosphere and the special drinks provided give Venus the push she needed, as she finally confesses her crush to Xanadu, and the two started dating. As the twins each converse with the famous Love Guru, that only comes out during the Romance Festival, he confirms that Venadu is a pairing meant to last. Unfortunately for poor Pluto, however, it seems that her romantic future is "bleak".

The special drinks sem to have had an especially special affect on Raj, at the other side of the festival, who's practically drunk in love, due to the sorrow of Geeta's death and the relief of the lack of an oppressing mother. So drunk in fact that he can't even tell the difference between the two woman he's been hooking up with, thinking they're the same one: none other than Nina and Dina Caliente. The two end up Woo-Hooing with Raj, who's on cloud 9, but will he still be even when the drama unfolds?

15 Nov 2016
9 Fight The Power The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 9 As a flea market opens down under the bros apartment, Wilson has the big idea of participating too, establishing a bank down to sell old junk, as in literal trash, along with his collection of voo-doo dolls. Competition breaks between him and Candy, who's selling frogs, but like planned, he sells out. While Max decides to go on a gastronomical adventure, Xanadu sees the gathering crowd as an opportunity to pledge his cause, starting a protest in the middle of the fair, attracting all kinds of supporters for the integration of alien life. 18 Nov 2016
10 The Lady in Red The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 10 Max and Athena decide to take the day for themselves and go on a date, starting out in the gym, doing hoops in the heights of Uptown. This is, before they head out for a romantic dinner of sushi, looser's paying! Max ends up having to settle for emotional and financial defeat. At the sushi house, the two venture into dangerous waters and decides to try the risky pufferfish nigiri, known for being venomous if cooked wrongly. And much to the two's suprise, it seems that Max's serving was poorly cooked. Still, they're risk-takers, and in the end, Max defies the odds and survives. Later, at the zen garden, the two share an intimate moment as they decide to take it steady and become a couple. After the two part ways, Athena stays behind to try out the bubble blower, which has a strange effect on her, causing her skin to turn red and her mood to turn angry. She immedietly decides to take this anger on the chef, insulting his poor & deadly nigiri. 20 Nov 2016
11 I Want To Know What Love Is The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 11 The Love Guru's unfortunate prediction seems to be coming true, as Pluto takes both Venus and their neighbour Miko to a geek convention, realizing she might have a thing for Miko. After a fun day of activities and video games, seeing how well Venus and Xanadu are doing in their relationship, Pluto decides to hangout with Miko on a skyscraper lounge. The two have fun, but Pluto's attempts at flirting go unnoticed, and to top it off, she learns that Miko has a crush on her roommate Akira, who seems to not notice anything. Love triangle? Either way, Pluto has no time to waste in her critic career and, with seemingly no hope in romance, decides to focus on her job instead. 1 Dec 2016
12 Another One Bites The Dust The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 12 At the bros apartement, things get crazy when, after Max's sneakingly breaking into Raj's house to steal Geeta's ashes, a thread of mysterious demises happen, including an infestation of both rats and strange invisible bugs, a sudden wave that destroyed every electronic and plumbing in the house, and the shocking death of the two repairmen. On the bright side all this chaos attracted the Grim Reaper, who did strike a deal with Wilson, who just gained a powerful ally in his nefarious campaign. At the Caliente's though, the day is of good news, as Dina has birthed young Cina, and Nina had two twin girls, Tina and Gina. Now the only issue is finding who the father is. 2 Dec 2016
13 Some Like It Hot The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 13 Things get social when Precious and Cheryl, after spending the day updating status and becoming bigger in the social networking game, decide to hit PlanetHoneyPop! for a karaoke escapade and some mingling. First thing Cheryl does is hog the mic the perform some stand up comed. However, an amazing social opportunity comes up as it seems the iconic Spice Festival as been going on without them realizing. They call up their friends and family and spicy hijinkage ensues. The three generations of Kurosawa's relax at the bubble blower: Amy, Kimiko and Precious, while Cheryl ends up becoming the Spicy Curry Challenge champion. Just normal fun. Until it's not and the drama excalates, when none other than Raj slaps Jesminder, who just had a baby! Things are definetly getting out of hand in the Spice Festival: drunk dudes, firework fiascos and passed out patrons included. Nothing Cheryl and Precious blogs can't benifit from though. 3 Dec 2016
14 Rock With You 140px After noticing the lack of vegetarian-safe choices in the stands and restaurants around town, Pluto dedicates her time to just cooking a bunch of food for herself, even starting her own dragonfruit garden. After this, the twins decide on a little artsy evening and call up their hook-ups, Xanadu and Miko. Two artists and two politics can only mean one thing: political mural! So they decide to enrichen the PaperCrane art alley with murals of Xanadu's campaign. It's a fun time full of art and love, as they explore PaperCrane. However, it seems the Love Guru's prophecy is indeed coming through as, after getting a hint of interest from Miko, things so go so smoothly after some drinks. In fact she looses all hope in Miko and decides to move on. Meanwhile, Venus deals with a rather clingy Xanadu, but love brings them together as they sing together, despite Xanadu's atrocious alien voice. It seems the Love Guru was up to something. 4 Dec 2016
15 The Glamorous Life The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 15 Tricia's loan as a present for Cheryl's birthday as finally arrived and it's time for the Dreamer's to get their apartement and closets updated with the most glamourous of items. Additionally, the butler Tricia hired, Aahana, arrives and immedietly starts her duty as a servant, welcomed to her new home. 6 Dec 2016
16 Smooth Criminal The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 16 As Xanadu continues to go around recruiting people for his political cause, Max dedicated the day towards mischief. Delivering prank calls left and right and going around causing havoc, Max keeps up with his legacy of the vandal from Windenburg. At night, the Bros and Athena get together for their game night, but Max sneaks out midway, in order to break into Raj's apartement to steal something. He ends up succeeding but its seems he was too distracted with the act that he completely missed Raj was inside the house too. To wash it off, he tries to bond with Raj, who's really not into his shenanigans at all. He gives up and goes back home where he's safe from Raj's rage, as it seems he's figured out the crime. But game night carries on and the Bros bond over their houselives. 10 Dec 2016
17 Lucky Star The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 17 In an attempt to get her critic reputation up, Venus decices to hit the Spice Market and visit the locals, like the new-mother Jesminder, who invites her to see her daughter Connie. The two become friends, but the mood is interrupted when Jesminder's nemesis, none other than Raj, shows up to stir trouble. Venus' out, the Humour and Hijinks festival is back again and the two sisters have decided to get on opposing teams: Venus becomes a Jokester, and Pluto, a Prankster. It's a war of yellow vs. purple. However, in the midst of the competition, Pluto meets Salim at the bubble-blower, and the two end up spending the festival time together, getting to know each other. The night ends up with a firework going haywire and attacking the citizens and with victory for the Pranksters. 11 Dec 2016
18 Funkytown 140px Tricia's big apartment for the girls is over and the house now has a fling with the 20s. Precious is having a vase of writer's block and cannot concentrate on her social networking, so she goes practical, and heads into the Arts Quarter, networking the ol' fashioned way. She ends up getting intimidate by the commotion if the city though, and settles with going on a hunt for goodies. She finds three christmas crackers, one for each, and of course Athena's little gift inside is a Meduso plushie. Fates align. Welp, at least Precious's over her writing block, so what's the next logical step? Go on a fancy girl's night out! Cheryl and Precious get all glammed up to head to a fabulous skyline lounge. They're shoked when Cheryl's sister, Tiffany, is also there with the elusive A Cut Above, the real socialites of Windenburg. Things couldn't go better for their careers, especially when Precious takes on the stage with her impressive singing. 14 Dec 2016
19 The Safety Dance The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 19 When the twins decide to go on a little double date, Pluto decides take Salim. However, their choice of venue couldn't be farther away from perfect, as they decide to go to a 20's inspired art deco nightclub, which, because of it's "old time appeal" is filled with ghosts trying to relive the good old days. As all kinds of shenanigans ensue regarding the constant presence of the undead, Pluto finds a sweet protective side of Salim, as the two spend the night together. 18 Dec 2016
20 There Ain't No Sanity Clause 140px As the holiday season arrives, the Bros decide to have their families come over and finally see their apartement. Max's family, the upper crusts Villareals, is not too pleased at all with the quality of his home. Xanadu's and Wilson's parents are on the same page, and some family drama ensues as there seems to be some trouble in paradise between Diego and Jay, and Wilson's mother Candy is so upset he hasn't called in forever that she doesn't even want to show up. Luckily, they're all brought together by Wilson's magical piano skills. 20 Dec 2016
21 Christmas Wrapping The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 21 It's Christmas' Eve and everyone's getting together for a Christmas' dinner down at the Dreamers'. Montgomerys, Lovelaces and Kurosawas alike, all feasting in the new butler's wonderful dishes. Everyone has loads of family fun, singing and specifically watching Precious sing, in a classical dinner party environment. 23 Dec 2016
22 Feliz Navidad The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 22 The Papayas way of celebrating Christams day is a tad different, as they all visit a little Christmas village attraction, in a beautiful snowy morning. Dancing in true Papaya fashion, they get updated on each other's life and have fun exploring the village. In the end, all of the twin's friends end up joining the group and together live another amazing Christmas day. 25 Dec 2016
23 How Will I Know The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 23 When Wilson finally has the time to bond with fellow raccoon fursuits around town, Xanadu discovers an heartbreaking truth about how the society is prejudiced against them too, leading to most of them being homeless, deciding to expand his cause to benefit them too. Meanwhile there's jealousy and mistrust in Max and Athena's relationship, but nothing a good ol' Romance Festival can't fix. That is, if Wilson's and Xanadu's attempts to spread their cause hadn't ruined the event with their loud protests. But in the end, everything's fixed with some karaoke, where its revealed that Wilson has quite the gift. Finally, the Caliente sisters' mother life is explored as their toddlers, Cina, Gina and Tina, are all grown up and experimental with their mother's makeup. 07 Jan 2017
24 Maniac 140px The Calientes continue to struggle with their kids, and are starting to realise the real harden ships of raising three kids as single mothers, as they bond inside their apartment, in the flea market and in the park, as they try to reason with grumpy and fussy Cina, who's a real meanie with frequent nightmares, unruly and free-spirited Gina, who's favourite hobbie is to run around the streets of San Myshuno in the nude and play with food, and clingy but curious Tina, who loves her mamma, but has no qualms in talking to strangers. 19 Jan 2017
25 Bad Reputation The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 25 As Athena enters in an early fight with her neighbour Dina, who came by to complain about her energetic training, Precious and Cheryl take their day off work to... work from home. The two spend the day behind screens, developing their social media life, Cheryl raising and lowering in popularity among her followers, and Precious working to be a successful worker, among her lists of emails. However, they realise they could use a break and, after a delicious meal from Aahana, the butler, and a bit of videogames, they hit the Fashion District with their friends, to take part in GeekCon. The three roomies participate in a videogame-skill assessmemt plataform, that determine they're all terrible at it. But despite this, everyone has loads of fun exploring the convention, concluding the day with a well-deserved dinner, when childhood friend Simeon invites Cheryl for a dinner at a fancy restaurant, and all the friends join. 20 Jan 2017
26 Push It To The Limit The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 26 When Phoenix and Mac have to leave for personal reasons, they call upon their nieces Venus and Pluto to take care of their toddler Robyn, product of a surrogate, for them. They spend the night, and when they wake up, Pluto ditches Venus to go see a opera with their mom. Luckily, she's not left alone, as Precious, hearing they're in charge of a luxury penthouse, comes by to check the gym, barging in full of energy. Luckily for them, Robyn is a little angel, and aside from her love of frying pans, she's no nuisance and the twins end up having time to have all kind of interesting visitors taking advantage of their rich uncles' penthouse. 23 Jan 2017
27 Don't Fear The Reaper The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 27 When word reaches Wilson about an evil hermit living in a mysterious unheard town, he uncover a deep dark secret, he's actually an as-of-yet not-fully formed vampire, generated from the evil spell that created him. He travels to Vladislaus, the elder vampire, in hopes of aid developing his powers, and after Vlad takes a liking of him, he shows him the secret to unlocking his full potential. After this, as he develops, Wilson decides to take one for his friend Cheryl and take revenge on Eric, learning how to cook the poisonous puff-fish nigiri to serve him, killing him in an instant. After this evil murder, and with constant overlook of Vladislaus, he finally becomes a fully-formed vampire, and goes to sleep with an off-putting reminder, yet hopeful message in a dream. 27 Jan 2017
28 Relax The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 28 The Dreamers decide to make a little escape from San Myshuno and visit the camping grounds of Granite Falls, where they rent a luxurious bungalow and spend the day relaxing at the spa, taking yoga classes and having all kinds of massages. 09 Feb 2017
29 Here I Go Again The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 29 22 Feb 2017
30 All Night Long The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 30 22 Feb 2017
31 Mickey 140px Precious has a promotion and childhood friend Fleur decides they must celebrate and takes them to good ol' Windenburg, where Cheryl finds her sister Tiffany hanging out with none other than internet celebrity and Cheryl's idol Penny Pizzazz, as expected of two socialites. Tiffany introduces Cheryl to Penny as an ingrowing celebrity herself. Cheryl is more than glad that she has this in to her career, but Athena is more focused in working out, so they escape to the gym in Uptown. Affluent Uptown, home of the largest speech platform in San Myshuno, aka. Cheryl's door to make a speech and impress Penny. This doesn't go to well, so she just enjoys the gym instead, before going back home for more social networking and gaining more followers, while Athena's hard work shows fruits, when she becomes a dance captain. 22 Feb 2017
32 We Belong The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 32 The gang decides to go to yet anothe festival, this time a fusion one! When GeekCon and the Romance Festival share a common ground, things get crazy in a mix of geeky and suave. Pluto and Salim go out on a date, revealing Salim's new fashion sense, as he's fully embraced his love for female high fashion. They're on a mission to prove the Love Guru's past words wrong. They're able to do it, as their acceptance grants a premonition of bright love from a V.I.P. session with the Guru. 22 Feb 2017
33 Sweet Dreams The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 33 Wilson goes on yet another hunt for snow globes, down at the Flea Market, where Cheryl seems to be making some weird fashion trends. While Wilson gets what he need, he become thirsty, and meets a suspicious Nancy Landgraab in an alleyway, so he decides to drink from her, leaving her unconscious on the streets of San Myshuno, all while a raging Max looks for a victim to his mischief. Seems like his problems are solved when Nancy comes back for revenge and steal some of the bros' scotch, as payment, and ends up all receiving some nasty tricks from Max. 22 Feb 2017
34 Straight Up The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 34 When Gwen pays a visit to her daughter Athena, she has her first encounter with Max, who she's heard of as the former leader of the most infamous group of delinquents in Windenburg, and she questions if he's the best for her daughter. Luckily the two have something in common for sure: mischief, so they hit the Humour & Hijinks festival, where they both team up on the Pranksters side. Even if the Pranksters ended up loosing again, everyone had a good time. 05 Mar 2017
35 Like A Virgin 140px It's Saint Patrick's Day and Venus, sick of dealing with her noisy neighbours, sets of with Xanadu for a date in a neon-green themed bar. The night ends in a high note with steamy time between the two. 28 Mar 2017
36 The Killing Moon 140px In an attempt to get on terms with Athena's mother, Gwen, Max takes the family out bowling for a good time at the alley. However, when the Grimm Reaper crashes the party to deal with old bussiness with Gwen, the match turns into a settlement of peace for Gwen and Grimm, as they play the game to end all feuds. However, a whole day of bowling has effects on your body and Gwen had to forfit, leaving their end untied. 29 Mar 2017
37 Celebration The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 37 It's the twins birthday and they decide to host a party at the bowling alley and everyone's invited , family and friends, to watch these two completely different girls grow up into adults. 04 Apr 2017
38 Shattered Dreams The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 38 When Xanadu gets a promotion and Wilson does not, he feels super-jealous, however, he decides to channel his rage in a more productive way for him: to finally finish his snow globe collection. Heading into the flea market, Wilson is out of his suit for the first time, wearing his business suit instead, and things go as feared. Everyone he asks to trade with refuses because of his ugliness and sketchy look. He's starting to feel desperate until a kind soul finally trades with him, generating a chain of trading that ends up leaving Wilson only two globes away from finishing his collection. 05 Apr 2017
39 Just Can't Get Enough 140px In the Dreamers apartment, when Cheryl's computer dies, she decides to go down to the Fashion District check out GeekCon with her family and friends. In the middle of the convention, Cheryl runs into a casual Penny Pizzazz, who's been noticing Cheryl's rise in popularity and decides to spend the afternoon with her. Cheryl, hoping to get a collab out of it, accepts. Athena wins a video game competition, winning a FutureCube as a reward, while Cheryl and Penny have fun all around in the geek managery. Eventually, the FutureCube tells Cheryl that her soulmate is coming soon, leading her to wonder if it could be Penny, as so she gets her flirt on, pretty successfully. Back at home, it's the butler's job that's on the verge, being the slacker he is, but he gets on Cheryl's good side when he fixes her computer. 07 Apr 2017
40 Super Freak The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 40 The Twins move out of their old apartment to a bigger one in Uptown. Now they still live under the same roof but they're more independent as the complex is divided in two, and Pluto even starts thinking about moving Salim in. The news reach everyone, as some old friendly rivals from their Critter Catchers days show up in a welcome wagon, and later the Papaya ladies plus Xanadu come to help around the decorating and cleaning. Things get awkward when Maya has a freaky moment and strips down naked in front of Xanadu. The housewarming continues though, and the Twins are happy, which is what matters. 10 Apr 2017
41 Don't You Forget About Me The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 41 Max hears rumours that people are turning themselves into PlantSims temporarily due to some magical seeds and wants in, so he sets off to look for PlantSims who can help in his mission, taking Xanadu with him. This unlikely duo of opposites end up finding none other than Sterling, who's been transformed into a PlantSim and helps Max out. However, their excitement is literally burned out, when they're hit by the harsh reality of occults' different needs, as two vampires end up dying due to the sun, right in front of their eyes. 10 Apr 2017
42 Down Under The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 42 When Penny asks Cheryl out on a date to celebrate Cheryl's career success, they visit the vintage bar, late in the night, and have the whole place for themselves. Alone, they share their very first kiss. When she goes back home, early morning, everyone is off to improve their job performances all day on their day-off, until they decide to hit the new karaoke bar, The Purple Rain, where Precious and Wilson share a ballad and Precious gets to show her improved skills, until her mom invites everyone for a escapade in Windenburg, at the good ol' Bluffs. 10 Apr 2017
43 Between The Sheets 140px The twins apartment is fully decorated and they decide to invite in some friends to celebrate. While Pluto and Salim get extra-romantic, to the point where they have unprotected woo-hoo, Venus has to deal with a scheming Wilson, who, inspired by a tank of fish, decides he'll take a shot at becoming the leader of their group of friends and rule over them. Obviously, Venus brings him back to reality, and Salim ends up taking Pluto to a romantic date, where she discovers that she's pregnant. 27 Apr 2017
44 Up Where We Belong The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 44 As Wilson tries to get Max to stand for him in his evil political campaign, Xanadu takes Venus all the way up to Planet Sixam through his dad's portal, to show her his home and, aside the glowing blue sixamian waters, pop the big question and propose. 04 May 2017
45 True Colours The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 45 The day starts with one of Cheryl's videos going crazy viral, skyrocketing her number of followers into god-tier. In order to celebrate, Cheryl calls up Max, Athena and Penny to come with her check out the gallery where Venus is currently working on. As soon as she meets with Penny she's asks her what's been stuck on her throat since the last time they've been together: if she's be interested in going steady. She accepts, however, despite all of Cheryl's attempts to be romantic, Penny just seems interested in exploring every corner of the gallery, like a spaz. Still they sort things out and the gang enjoys a day of arts and crafts at the Arts Quarter. 12 May 2017
46 Tainted Love The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 46 As Pluto's baby comes closer and closer to the due date, she decides to go visit her family home back in Willow Creek, where she's taken back with the memories of her childhood home life. Either way, the Papaya family, united as always, shows their upmost support. Pluto heads back home with her sister for a good night of sleep, that would transition to one of her happiest days ever. The next day she goes into labour, and its a panic when noone is able to get her to the hospital and instead she has to give birth in her own house, surrounded by Salim, Venus and Maya. And so baby Selena is born. This a happy event for Pluto, but it seems confusing to Salim, who in the heat of the moment confuses the two twins and tries to make out with Venus, causing a disturbance in Pluto and Salim's love life. 12 Sep 2017
47 Walking On Sunshine 140px Another day and times are hard at the Bros' apartment, as it's just been infected by nasty gremlins that have destroyed all the appliances. Guess living in a house with an alien and an evil manifestation brings such things, though this time they have a promise of handy gnomes who'll help fix everything, so the waiting game begins for Xanadu and Max. However, a ruined day for everyone else means an amazing day for Wilson, it seems, as he's just having the best day, filled with social confidence, as he goes around working on his campaign and generally being happy-go-lucky for once. 18 Sep 2017
48 Hit Me With Your Best Shot 140px GeekCon is on again and Cheryl, the great internet personality, decides to take her roomate Athena so they can have some fun. However, love speaks stronger as she meets Penny at the con and gets distracted, making Athena mad that she was left to third-wheel after being invited. To vent, she calls over Max and the two go to the gym, where an epic dunk competition is on in the Uptown skyline. However, Athena isn't able to stay mad at Cheryl for too long. Meanwhile, Salim goes to Precious for advice on how to handle with Pluto's situation, as he is deeply bummed out and guilty for confusing the twins. 19 Sep 2017
49 Sweet Child O'Mine 140px When Pluto's off to work, Venus is assigned to babysit little Selena, but of course she couldn't do it alone, especially not with the responsability of decoration the new nursery as well. So she calls up Xanadu and, despite him being a bit absent-minded and anxious to be near a human baby, the two make it work and Selena gets a beautiful nursery. When Pluto comes back, the twins decide to have a double couple night-in, especially since her and Salim have now reconziled after the whole drama. The couples bond over french toast and the hilarious possibility that they could be married together. A night of fun. 20 Sep 2017

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