The Sims 4: Kids Room

July 13, 2016

Began Let's Play On

July 13, 2016

The Sims 4: Kids Room Let's Play was created by AndrewArcade on July 13, 2016, and is currently ongoing. The series follows the return of old Sims, especifically the kids of the Get To Work LP, as they grow together and explore the world through the eyes of the children they are.

Sypnosis Edit

Follow Precious, Xanadu and Athena in their missadventures throughout the joyous days of their childhood.

Main Characters Edit

Secondary Characters Edit

Episodes Edit

Part Title Thumbnail Description Upload Date
1 Gotta Catch 'Em All The Sims 4 Kids Room - Thumbnail 1 The kids buy their first booster pack of the popular trading cards, the Void Critters, and are ready to head into a world of collectioning, merchandise and mystical fights. 13 Jul 2016
2 Critter Catchers The Sims 4 Kids Room - Thumbnail 2 TBA´ 15 Jul 2016
3 Voidcritters Ventures The Sims 4 Kids Room - Thumbnail 3 TBA 18 Jul 2016
4 New Kids On The Block The Sims 4 Kids Room - Thumbnail 4 TBA 27 Jul 2016
5 Pool Party 140px TBA 6 Aug 2016
6 Temper Tantrum TBA 21 Sep 2016
7 Get Burned TBA 30 Sep 2016
8 The Llama Sleeps Tonight TBA 07 Oct 2016
9 Bubble Brawlers TBA 26 Oct 2016
10 Trick or Treat TBA 27 Oct 2016
11 Soul Eaters TBA 28 Oct 2016
12 Final Destination TBA 29 Oct 2016
13 The Very Best TBA 30 Oct 2016

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