The Sims 4: Vampires

February 09, 2017

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February 09, 2017

The Sims 4: Vampires series was created by AndrewArcade on February 09, 2017, and is currently on-going. The series catches up with the life of the Bag Family from the The Sims 3 Let's Plays, now living in Forgotten Hallow.

Sypnosis Edit

Catching up with the Bags, now living together as a broken family in Forgotten Hallow. Garbage Bag is still torn about the recent death of Mercury, his wife, and has plans of starting a pack of vampires by turning willing humans. Candy and Kraig are embracing the vampire lifestyle and their little toddler Mercury, raising him to be happy, while the rebellious Goodie Gift, now GiGi, is plotting to become one of the most powerful vampires and will stop at nothing.

Main Characters Edit

Supporting Characters Edit

Garbage's Pack Edit

Boarding School Students Edit

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Episodes Edit

Part Title Thumbnail Description Upload Date
1 Familiar Faces The Sims 4 Vampires - Thumbnail 1 09 Feb 2017
2 Frozen Banana Emporium The Sims 4 Vampires - Thumbnail 2 11 Feb 2017
3 The Chosen Ones The Sims 4 Vampires - Thumbnail 3 After the word was spread, Garbage finally concluded his tight selection of candidates to be part of his pack and turned into vampires. The chosen seven are taken for their first gathering, as Garbage announces that his choosing process will be based on their performance in several contests. The first one is revealed to be a hacking competition in Windenburg, at GeekCon. However, the competition slowly turns into a social event as everyone stops to get to know each other, ending up initiating a karaoke contest instead, won by Caleigh, the maid. However, Garbage ends up choosing to turn Michelle, after she impresses him, winning a fist-fight against Victor. 22 Feb 2017
4 Blood Lust The Sims 4 Vampires - Thumbnail 4 22 Feb 2017
5 Plasma 501 140px 22 Feb 2017
6 Command & Conquer The Sims 4 Vampires - Thumbnail 6 After another lesson from her grandfather, where she gets some new awsome charming powers, Gigi goes visit the boarding school again, and meets Luna Raven, a vampire like her, and a powerful one too, which leaves Gigi a little bit smitten. She requests some vampire training from her, to spend time together, and does learn quite a bit. She makes use of her new charming powers to seem as attractive as she can, as she flirts a bunch with Luna. After recovering her "HP" through meditation, she has an encounter with the kniving Ivory, and immediately butt heads. They decide to take it outside, to the Straud Square, where an intense fight begins and Gigi comes victorious. 22 Feb 2017
7 Smilin' Heart The Sims 4 Vampires - Thumbnail 7 The tree of vampiric essence has started to wilt, as the vampire species heads more and more towards extinction, but that's nothing Garbage can't stop, as he continues to expand his pack. Initiating a class at the church, using recently-turned Michelle as an example, he gives everyone a bit more knowledge about the vampire species. By the end of the class, Garbage decides to hype everyone's spirits by turning another one of them, choosing Victor. The effect is definetly achieved, and everyone bonds on the underground lounge, slowly turning into the pack they're meant to be. Garbage, however, has a different night, as he gets a message from Mercury inviting him for a dinner, and of course he couldn't deny. He has the night of his life, but when the two are about to head into a more private spot, Mercury dissapears, revealing it was all an hallucination. To honour her spirit, Garbage seranades her from below. 22 Feb 2017
8 New Kids on the Block The Sims 4 Vampires - Thumbnail 8 On a visit to Willow Creek, Gigi learns of the Kauffmann sisters, 6 sibling descendants of the mythical Goths, which to her means good blood. She pays them a sneaky visit, not expecting one of the sisters, Susie, to actually be interested in being a vampire too. It seems that Gigi has made another ally in achieving Master Vampire status. 25 Mar 2017
9 Thicker Than Water The Sims 4 Vampires - Thumbnail 9 While Candy and Kraig continue to develop baby Mercury's skill, Garbage seems to be dealing with his most recent hallucination in an alternative way: he's drowning his sorrows in plasma, and seems to be completely hooked on those plasma packs. In order to have Mercury explore around the family heads to the park, where Gigi has other plans. She meets up with Susie and has a little bit of a family ceremony to turn her, as everyone celebrates Gigi's first turn. After the ritual, she bumps into Luna, who she does have a bit of a crush on, and the two talk and talk, eventually having a friendly battle on the docks. Gigi looses as Luna is very very powerfull, but either way, they bond. 27 Mar 2017
10 Lucky Strike The Sims 4 Vampires - Thumbnail 10 Garbage's pack keeps on going when they all gather at SimWood bowling alley to comemorate Carleigh's turn to be turned, as she did win the karaoke contest. After this, they engage into yet another competition, bowling, where they have a desert alley just for them. The old Ambrosia suprises everyone and gives it her all and literally sets fire to the lanes, as she wins the competition and is the next to be turned. Two new vamps, three to go. The contest is on. 31 Mar 2017
11 Cram Session The Sims 4 Vampires - Thumbnail 11 When little Mercury has stolen Gigi's homework, and her grades are bad as it is, she realises she is in desperate need of a cram session, and heads to the boarding campus to see who can help her. Luckily for her, it seems that everyone else has left their papers to the last hour and there's a rush in campus. She receives help from fellow vampire Lemon Pie, but is interrupted by Mark, who keeps on trying to flirt with her. But she's not having it and decides to reward Lemon with some vampiric training, culminating into an epic friendly duel at the school's doors. On her way back home, she is catcalled by the creepy Lord Vladislaus, and decides to teach him a lesson by being rude and giving him no chances of redeeming his words, before she returns back home to a worrying Garbage. 05 Apr 2017
12 True Blood 140px When Candy and Kraig take their little Mercury for a dine-out in a vampire tavern, Mercury reveals his true colours as he makes everyone's lifes hard by making a fuss and throwing food on the floor, and just generally being a nuisance, enjoying his parents annoyed reactions. Even so, he still continues eager to learn and his parent spend the rest of the night playing educational games with him, which come, off-course, with Mercury mischievous little hand always ready to make everyone's life harder. 07 Apr 2017
13 Feral 140px After Lee becomes the next to initiate the turning process, after winning a party frenzy video-game against Charlie and Jolene, things get out of hand when all the recently turned vampire's cravings take over them and they become feral, drinking from the still human contestants. Garbage's mansion quickly turns into chaos, until he uses his powers to control everyone to stay put, as punishment for going against the morals he thought them. Meanwhile, Gigi's studies help her uncover another power: to drain life essence from people. 09 Apr 2017
14 Fresh Meat 140px When Gigi goes check up on Susie, she learns that her vampire transformation is complete and she's now fully vampire. Together , the two start training, with Gigi as a mentor, and they even have a small duel. Susie is a promising vampire and luckily, none of her sisters will know what's up, as Gigi's new ability is tested on Eevee, revealing it has to power to clear memories. Meanwhile at the mansion, Garbage makes progress when he decides to give up on drinking once and for all, and spends some good time fishing, while Candy, seeing that as Mercury becomes more independent she has more time to spare, she starts digging in vampires books, to learn about the history she never had time to learn, and become closer with her late mom. 11 Apr 2017
15 Life or Death 140px The Bags are hit by the news that both Susie and Marigol, Kraig's mom, have died by sunlight in a park in Willow Creek. While Garbage gets back into the drinking scene, Gigi is coping by taking care of Mercury, but she looses it and decides to steal one of her father's brews, the Ultimate Vampire Cure, to take revenge on the creep that is Vladislaus and slay him, making him human again. When she pays him a visit she isn't too successful, until Garbage barges, and when he learns that Vladislaus is not only a creep who catcalled her daughter, but also feeds from humans, he does the slaying himself. Meawnhile, Candy and Kraig decide to make up for Marigold's loss with an expansion to the Bag family: a new baby. 19 Apr 2017
16 Cheese 140px The ultimate showdown in the pack comes in the way of a basketball match between Jolene and Charlie, which the latter wins, being turned as a reward. Meanwhile, Gigi spends the night at the boarding campus, where she starts a bonfire with all the students, and they literally party until dawn, before they have to take refuge from the sun. The rest of the Bags spend the day in their domestic lives, as Garbage plays plays with Mercury and Candy practices her amazing organ skills. 26 Apr 2017
17 Rematch 140px Jolene has been turned into a vampire by Garbage, to finish the pack, and she decides to use this newfound strength to hold a rematch with that who made her the embarrassment of the pack: Charlie, unlocking a chain of duels and reactions. Meanwhile, Gigi has decided to turn one of the rooms into a secret treasure room, where she hides all of her stolen treasures, but ends up with an empty wall! Like that, she heads in a mission to steal a beautiful painting of her vampire idols from the local church, succeeding. 02 May 2017
18 Parched 140px Garbage takes his pack to the underground bar under the church, where it's ghost night, and the bar is filled with all kinds of undead, in a supernatural menagerie. While in the church's cemetary, Garbage's dad, Mathiew, materialises to party, only to see his son on his worst, as Garbage has a low and goes out of control, feeding on the barista, and the first Sim he's ever fed from. 08 May 2017
19 Green With Envy The Sims 4 Vampires - Thumbnail 19 Gigi decides to host yet another hangout with her school friends, and take them all into the Plasma 501 bar for some mischief. While ordering some drinks, she sees of the corner of her eye, Luna and Ivory chatting at a table and gets filled with jealousy upon seeing her rival speak to her crush. As soon as the two catch time alone, and to ensure Luna's hers, she asks her to be her girlfriend, which she accepts and the two start dating. But of course that isn't enough for Gigi! She goes out her way to bring misery on Ivory, by increasing her thirst with a spell. At home, Garbage gets back to his gardening, much to lil' Mercury's fascination, however, keeps getting interrupted by the boarding school callers reporting on Gigi's mischief at school. In a way, he couldn't be prouder. 12 Sep 2017
20 New Blood 140px When Candy goes into labour, the family needs to keep little Mercury entertained on his birthday. Garbage hosts a playdate, calling in his niece Tea, and the day is filled with dolls, ball pits and boodles of fun. Meanwhile at Candy's end, giving birth is being a struggle, especially since it's daytime, and instead they have the talented doctor Kimiko deliver the baby at the mansion. And alas, little's Blood Bag, BB, is born. The two ends meets when it's time for Mercury's birthday dinner, where all the vampires in the Forgotten Hollow are invited and Mercury, despite the anxiety of a new sister, has an happy day. 14 Sep 2017

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