Tiffany Montgomery
Biographical information
Gender: Female
Age: *Young Adult - 23 (Get Together
Birthday: August 14, 1993
Birthplace: Windenburg
Residence: Les Apodments, Windenburg
Occupation: Writer
Club(s): *A Cut Above (leader)
  • Paragons
Traits: *Snob
  • Materialistic
  • Insider
  • Gregarious
Realtives: *Sergio Romeo (husband)
Marital status: Married
Romances: *Marcus Flex (ex-crush)
  • Jamel Hugh (ex-boyfriend)
  • Sergio Romeo (husband)
Friend(s): *Sonya Sanchez
Enemy(s): *Eliza Pancakes (former)
First Appearance: Shine Bright
Appears In: The Sims 4: Get Together

The Sims 4: City Living

Tiffany Montgomery is a Sim who's part the main household played in the Get Together Let's Play and part of the secondary cast in City Living Let's Play.

Character Edit

Background Edit

Tiffany was born and raised in a wealthy family in Windenburg. She grew up in the countryside, in a tudor-styled mansion, where she was never prived from everything. Well, everything except the love from her father Archer Montgomery, whose materialistic ways made it so that he hated children, and the idea of having a daughter was against his plans, as it meant he would have to share his money. Tiffany was loved greatly by her mother, Tricia Montgomery, but her dad would always throw her down and dissaprove of anything she did.

She didn't have too many friends when growing up, and the ones she had were more rivals than anything, like Siobhan Fyres, who was just another link to the chain of people who shamed her for her passions, such things like books, something that helped her dissociate from all her anxieties and overall terrible childhood. She developed a preference in solitude. It also made her bitter, almost as if the bad attitude of the people around her were drained to her, making her snobish and take pleasure in witnessing drama and conflict, as well as taking revenge.

So obviously, when she saw a chance to set into her own life, she did and found a complex in a reasonable price, which wasn't a problem for her, in the downtown of Windenburg, and got the most expensive room. However, she had to share it with a community of other Sims, which she wasn't looking forward too, but she got by, eventually deciding that the perfect Paragons, led by Siobhan of all people were in need of some worthy competition, a club that would take Windenburg by storm.

Personality Edit

Tiffany is a bit of a tough girl. Even though she has her priorities set right, in her families and friends, even if it is really deep in her heart, in the outside she is snobish and has no qualms in starting a conflict anywhere, with anyone that displeases her. She's a socialite who is picky in her choices and whose creativity is beyond. She values her wealth and is even a bit materialistic, and she is outgoing and gregarious, leaving a bit of her anywhere she goes. Some might say she's a diva and a snob, but it comes from the heart, wanting everything to be nothing short of perfect and of quality. She values her time alone, and even though she aspires to be a social Sim, the time she spends by herself are her favourite moments, diving in the world of writing. She is a little mean, though, and you shouldn't expect her to compliment you too often, but when she wants to, she is great company.

She changes towards the end of The Sims 4: Get Together though, after Kimiko, her half-sister, calls her up on her pettiness and she realises that maybe she really is too mean and snobbish, and becomes more considerate towards others, struggling hard to forget all the grudges she kept and doing her best to be kind and give others the best.


Tiffany is one of the main characters and appears in almost every episode. Overall, her story is a story of moral improvement as she starts out as an obnoxious brat who's aim is to take revenge on her childhood bully by ruining her super affluent club by creating a rivalling club, the hard times that she face, like the reveal of a secret half-sister, a haunting boyfriend and several rivals along the way, she grows and becomes less petty. While she stills conquer her goal, she becomes a lot nicer and happy with life.

Tiffany is introduced in Shine Bright where she visits her new house in Windenburg's center, realizing that she would have to share the complex with three other people: Sonya Sanchez, Josh Kauffmann and Rafael Vazquez, something she wasn't informed of and something she isn't too happy about. However, she has a goal, to rival the Paragons, the mythic socialite club of Windenburg, whose leader is none other than her childhood bully Siobhan Fyres. She heads to create a club and invites a bunch of popular people, like the famous bachelorette Dina Caliente, the infamous, Willow Creek weirdo Eliza Pancakes, and the popular loaded DJ, Joaquin LeChien. Her goal is to become infamous, so she starts marking her reign, spreading rage at a café and developing a crush on Marcus Flex, local hunk. Shen meets with the club at Joaquin house, where Tiffany has a first encounter with his roomate Sergio Romeo, a Paragon. Tension rise, but Joaquin gets defensive and leaves the club. Luckily, by Family Feud,[ Tiffany already has a new recruit, Dina's sister, Nina Caliente, who just begged to join her sister. Together they become the A Cut Above, ready to ascend. She establishes the Diamond Earring system, where whoever pleases her the most and becomes her "bestie", gets a pair of exclusive diamond earrings that grant special treatment. As the A Cut Above parties in a disco, Tiffany quickly realises that this "bestie" is actually Eliza, who sticks by her side the most. Tiffany also visits her childhood home, where she finds her father Archer Montgomery continues to be a grumpy man, who built her confidence down all her life by undermining her successes, and that her mother Tricia Montgomery is pregnant again. Archer doesn't take it well, but Tiffany is happy to hear she'll have a baby sister. After leaving the house, Tiffany meets up alone with Eliza for a coffee and she hands the Diamond Earrings to her, as a proof of trust. The two go shopping for a bunch of new clothes to give Eliza the ultimate makeover.

In Booty Call, she learns that she has been kicked out of the A Cut Above, due to Eliza tinkering with the club rules, making Tiffany an invalid fit, thereby expelling her. Tiffany faces this in The Fall & Rise , when she pays a visit to Eliza, who confirms all the rumours and is actually a huge jerk. She pretends she doesn't recognize Tiffany and that the club is her and only hers and causes Tiffany to take different measures. She infiltrates into the club to try and get the Caliente sisters alone, to convince her to kick out Eliza, poisoning her own club from inside-out. They meet in the Bluffs and Tiffany tries to please the Calientes in every way possible, while trashing Eliza. Her plan works and now Nina and Dina are against Eliza's leadership, aiding Tiffany in her overthrow. The start a club gathering at the ruins, where a coupe waits for Eliza, who ends up stepping down due to pressure, causing Tiffany to rip out the Diamond Earrings from her, as well as all the clothes she was wearing, owned by Tiffany. She celebrates the success in a huge party in the Bluffs, and in the excitement she brings in some new troops, Eva Capricciosa, Skye Fine and Jaqueline Hong. Tiffany is also there at the monumental disco part in Up All Night, with the A Cut Above, but spends most of the night trashing Eliza and mocking her newfound lack of fashion, while becoming closer to Dina, the new bearer of the Diamond Earrings.

Drama insues in Winter In Windenburg, where Tricia pays Tiffany a visit in her complex and proceeds to invite all her roomates to a pre-Christmas soiree she's hosting, much to Tiffany's annoyance, as she does not yet consider them friends. However, Tricia insists, since she knows how Tiffany's been lonely in her childhood and how she wants her to have memories. Tiffany gives in and invites Sonya to go buy new dresses for the party. Later at the party, the a Cut Above, the roomates and their friends, and the Montgomery's are having a good time. Siobhan is also there, mocking when she learns that Tiffany has decided to pursuit a writing career. In the midst of the dinner however, Tricia's waters break and everyone has to rush to the hospital for the birth of the baby. That's when things start to go south, as Archer runs into an old affair, Amy Kurosawa, mother of the doctor who would help birth the baby, Kimiko Kurosawa. Tiffany learns that she has a half-sister and that her father is indeed the scum of the Earth. Everything is happening too fast, and the baby is born, little Cheryl Montgomery. Tiffany bonds with Kimiko about her insecurities, after learning how successful she is in life, compared to her, a measly writer, but Kimiko supports her and recommends her to start publishing books.

Three months later, in Ball & Chain, Tiffany goes back to her parents home, where Tricia is insecure about moving on with divorce, despite the fact that she has been seeing someone else, but Tiffany reassures her, helping her move out into her new boyfriend's house, Sterling Hoffmann, a prized athlete. Additionally, Tiffany has fully embraced Kimiko's advice and has decided to become a writer in Knights at the Arcade, with her first book series: "Diamond Kingdom: Rise of the Trash Queen", a book she finishes in Terrible Twins. She starts the day by kicking Jaqueline, Eva and Skye out of the club as none of them are giving much to the A Cut Above, and proceeds to meet up with the remaining members, Nina and Dina, with a promise to be more selective. They head to the local pools, the Bathe De Rill, where she makes burgers for everyone. However, it seems like Dina is not interested in Tiffany all that much as of now, and Nina is the loyal one. But then, when they decide the pool isn't happening and go hit the gym, Nina ditches them, as does Dina. Tiffany takes a break from the two sisters to work out at the treadmills, where she meets Alice Spencer-Kim, and the two decide to become gym buddies. After a good workout, Tiffany sees Alice fit for A Cut Above and extends her an invite. However, Tiffany gets distracted with something else: Marcus Flex in the flesh, working out. The two spend sometime together, nothing too crazy. Back at home, Alice comes on by with the news that she does want to be in A Cut Above, and immediately gets the Diamond Earrings, seeing as the Calientes were not as dedicated as her during the day.

Gwen attends the Christmas party at Tiffany's.

Appearance Edit

Tiffany Montegomery

Tiffany debut look

Tiffany is slim and proper. She has dark skin and her hair is black, in various styles as times go by, either styled in braids or set loose, and she is most likely to be found wearing purple, her favourite colour, as well as black.

Relationships Edit

Rafael Vazquez, Sonya Sanchez and Joshua Kauffman Edit

Tiffany has a love-hate relationship with the rest of the people she shares her home with. While she is willing to join them in activities, attend a few parties and go out with them, she seems to be both a little embarrassed of them and she despises them a little, enough to be able to state that she doesn not consider them her friends. However, she rarely has any conflict with any of them.

Eliza Pancakes Edit

While in the humble begginings of the Cut Above she valued Eliza's company and dedication to the club, she soon got a taste of what the infamous Eliza had up her sleeves. Aware of her reportoir of being rather freaky, she gave her a chace to be a kerat in the Cut Above, only to be overthrown by her, who somehow managed to twist the roles and make herself leader of the Cut Above. Tiffany didn't take this lightly and immedietly retrieved her status and expelled her from the club, and the two are currently nemesis. Many of Tiffany's books center about this horrid character in her life and she regrets ever trusting her, and now she doensn't loose an opportunity to embarress and mock her.

Nina and Dina Caliente Edit

Nina and Dina are Tifanny's minions. Her most loyal club members, they don't mess with her or cause a fuss and are pretty neutral with anything she does, usually standing by her side.

Archer Montgomery Edit

Archer is Tiffany's father but only in theory as the two despise each other. Growing up, Tiffany was nothing but a burden to Archer and he made sure he would make that come through to her, so the two were never too close. Ever since she found out that he actually cheated on her mom and had a child from another woman who she kept away from her, she has completly erased him from her life and, despite not being suprised that he would do such thing, she has never despised him more than she does now.

Kimiko Kurosawa Edit

Kimiko is her half sister. The daughter of Archer, she was kept a secret from Tiffany, so, so far, she has little to say about her. However, the time the two have spent together was only great, and Kimiko taught Tiffany a valuable lesson on how it is important to follow your dreams, which made Tiffany more open to writing as a career. The two are yet to be close, but they are friends nonetheless.

Tricia Montgomery Edit

Tricia is Tiffany's mother, and the two love each other dearly. Tricia is just as supportive of her mother as her mother is of her, and the two are really close. Despite Tricia antics often annoying Tiffany, especially when she starts with her "mom talk", the two find a confort zone in each other and enjoy each other company.