Hello there contributers of the AndrewArcade Wikia! I am JohnJcshua, whom is among the contributers around here. I had a remake Wikia of this of my own and I abandoned it because I want this one to be a good database of the YouTuber himself. 

So as you guys know, I have requested at the Adoption of Wikia's and soon enough I will become the newest administrator around here, and I will do the same for the best editors and contributers around the wiki. 

However, I think I have a problem with all the editing all around here. It's not how other contributers edit, it's because most of us couldn't focus on one article. So I will put up a list below so some contributers can be assigned to one article and another. There are alot of playthrough's and character pages to be created and I want to see this wikia to break out of the early stages and into a realible source for AndrewArcade

So I will invite some AndrewArcade fans (or atleast one) to help contribute into this wikia and we will have a reliable database in no time.

That is all, this was JohnJcshua, signing out. 

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