Wilson Vazquez
Biographical information
Gender: Male
Gender Pronoun: He/Him
Life State: Unknown
Age: Young Adult
Status: Alive
Residence: Les Apodments, Windenburg (former); 19 Culpepper House, San Myshuno
Occupation: Politic
Traits: *Evil
  • Lazy
  • Slob
  • Dastardly
Realtives: *Rafael Vazquez (adoptive father)
Marital status: Single
Romances: *Precious Kurosawa (crush)
Friend(s): *Max Villareal
Enemy(s): *Geeta Rasoya
Appears In: *The Sims 4: Get Together

Wilson Vazquez is a creature of an unknown species who's part the cast in the Get Together Let's Play, and is a main character in the City Living Let's Play.

Character Edit

History Edit

Wilson was born when Rafael Vazquez and Candy Behr, happily married, were hoping for a child and decided to make a wish to The Wishing Well. However, The Wishing Well, sick of their intensive wishing and lazy attempts, decides to punish them. Wilson was created when the well released a cloud of evil dark smoke that compressed into a humanoid creature, a representation of evil itself: Wilson.

This evil cloud took it's representation as one of the most feared creature in history: a vampire. However, for some reason, Wilson's powers were never really unlocked and, despite knowing he himself was a vampire, his endeavour resembled more of that of a demon of sorts. Even his own parents were off put at first, believing he was some sort of satanic spawn, however, with time, the world around him learned to love him as he is.

Despite this, he still grew into immense insecurities, especially about his looks, as the more he grew, the more he developed into a gruesome creature, growing scars, cracks and fangs all over his face. This lead him to hide his existence by disguising himself with his infamous bright orange raccoon fursuit, to hide his species and his looks. However, even if he wasn't oppressed and discriminated by his scary appearance, he was now disliked for his weird disguised.

All of this, plus the fact that he was, after all, an incarnation of malice, with a liking for gore and other's demise, lead him into a life of evil and murder, becoming a sociopath who's favourite activity involves scheming creative murders and general villainy. He's even engaged into a political career with the sole goal to spread chaos across the nation.

Personality Edit

As the spawn of all that's evil, Wilson is, as expected, a really nefarious person, even from young age. He has no qualms on hurting others and is generally unfazed, or entertained, by other's misery. This is reflected in his hobbies, as he enjoys to hurt Sims for fun, and have them killed, for his eerie collection of ashes. Strangely enough though, he isn't completely insane as he does stuff, and does the things he does more as an exaggeration than as a deep hatred or Despite this, he's willing to give people opportunities if they're worthy of masterminding like him, or if they're generous towards him. Additionally, he's an extremely messy person, as well as lazy, which is shown in his apartment life as he usually keeps his things messy.

He's also an eccentric person too, and a self-proclaimed furry, who never takes off his orange raccoon fursuit. He loves to go around and scatter to garbage and perform mischief on everyone he can.

He's somewhat of a musical prodigy too, something that might come from his magical entity, as he cannot only grant musical powers to those he finds worthy, but he can learn how to master instruments very easily, paired with his gift for singing.

Appearance Edit

As a Young Adult Edit

His true appearance is rarely seen, as he constantly wears his fursuit, that consists of a stuffy orange suit, with a white spot for a belly, and a head-suit, with the muzzle of a raccoon sporting an unsettling pair of eyes and a smile.

Without his suit, his skin is a discoloured grey and his eyes are bright red, with the scleras also being really dark, making a scary set of eyes, sunken in, causing his brow to wrinkle. Around his eyes he's got several scars, and his left cheek is dry and cracking, while his right one has exploded blue veins. His nose is pointy and he has a set of pointy fangs. His hair is a pitch black and short, pushed back in a very small pampadour. He's slender.

Story Edit

In Satanic Spawn, when Rafael Vazquez decides to go ahead an use the Wishing Well magic disposed to him, he wishes for a child for him and his wife Candy Behr, resulting in a cloud of smoke and ash emerging from the well and materialising into what he could only describe as the spawn of evil, as it turned into a mischievous child, Wilson. He's welcomed into the house with a bit of bitterness, so much that he's given a bed to sleep outside, in the front yard intially,

InSong of Sophistication, Rafa is still shoock from having a kid and an evil one no less, but he decides to bond with him through what he knows best, teaching him how to play the organ. Wilson is pleased with this kind action and decides to grant him musical powers, that allowed him to control everyone in the room with his music, and the two bond over the mischief caused.

He attends to Sonia Sanchez's and Dominic Fyres' wedding, in Piece of Cake, and briefly in One More Time, though he couldn't join the rest of the people in their big nightout, due to his age.

Years later, in Concrete Jungle, it's revealed that Wilson has grown into a young adult and has become not only a secret psychopath who wishes to live out a life of crime and murder, but also a furry that's constantly wearing his orange raccoon fursuit and never removes it. Because of this eccentricity he wasn't able to find anywhere to live since no landlord allowed him in, and so he ended up begging his friends Xanadu Moreno and Max Villareal for shelter. Nowadays, he sleeps in their couch. As soon as he starts living with them, he immedietly starts beef with their nextdoor neibhours, the mother and son Geeta Rasoya and Raj Rasoya, by messing with their garbage after they insult Xanadu's alien nature. InXanadu Sunset, his beef with Geeta continues, as he repels her as much as he can. He also sets up his portable keyboard, so he can continue to rehearse his piano skills that he's had since childhood. However, he can't concentrate because the neighbours are doing a crazy amount of noise, so he goes up to Geeta's apartment to complain and, despite her "sincere" apologies, she's still treated with a drink to the face.

In Love Is A Battlefield, he joins the bros and Athena Lovelace on a videogame get together, and then, after learning that Xanadu is initiating his career as a political figure in favour of good, he decides he'll also join the political career, but in favour of bad. He later joins the gang in the Humour & Hijinks festival, unsurprisingly siding with the Pranksters side, causing mischievous havoc wherever her goes. He also buys some fireworks which he intends to use in the most nefarious of ways.

In Dancing With Myself, after Xanadu and Wilson hear strange, sexual noises coming from Geeta's house, they knock on her door to complain, only to be greeted by insults, which offputs Wilson. Strangely enough, only Raj and Geeta live next door, leaving some suspicious theories of incest floating in the bros' heads. Later, when Raj knocks on their door to complain about Wilson's keyboard, he its the breaking point and decides to head into their apartment and end with the nuisance that is Geeta, by setting of fireworks inside her apartment and watch the house burn. As chaos breaks down, he teams up with fellow criminal Haleigh Lovelace to ensure that the fire isn't put out, resulting in Geeta's deserved death, among the flames, completing his first murder.

In How Will I Know, when taking a walk around, he discovers another raccoon furry, Myra Kumar, and the two bond over interests. He then realises that there is a whole community of raccoon fursuits and that they're also all mostly homeless, for the same reasons why he couldn't find a home and has to rely on Xanadu and Max: they're highly prejudiced against. As he uses the opportunity to spread the word about his evil campaign with his new raccoon friends, he also decides to make a protest at a nightclub in uptown however, because of the time, noone shows up, making Wilson really sad. Since all the bros had something to be sad about they decide to cheer up with some karaoke, as Wilson relax in his keyboard. However, the Romance Festival starts once again, and, in the midst of a huge protest for Xanadu's cause, he gets told by the Love Guru that he'll find his soulmate in the near future. He ends up the night by making a karaoke marathon, which reveals by surprise that he's actually quite gifted with his voice, as he nails every song, becoming more confident each time.

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